3 Underrated Things To Do In Miami Next Stop

Miami’s got South Beach, Salsa, and lots of sunshine. But there’s another side to this party town and if you’re looking for something low-key, then you’re in luck. Miami has earned its status as a modern art hub and this gallery is one of the best spots to check out local artists. This series is called Exquisite Corpse. So they all took turns. One would take one panel.

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One starts and the process continues and so on. Since 2007, Nina has made it her mission to support contemporary artists. Come visit for a taste of Miami’s arts culture. Oleta River State Park is Florida’s largest urban park and a place where locals come to escape the sea. Hop in a kayak to explore hidden coves and beaches, where you’re likely to have the area’s natural wonders all to yourself. Florida’s coral reef is the only tropical reef in the continental United States. That’s why it’s so important to preserve it. What we’re looking at here are the type of soft coral called Zoanthus.

This is a native species that grows in and around Miami. Colin Foord, a marine biologist, and Jared Mckay, a musician, blend art and science as they regrow and replenish coral reefs in the area. All of their artwork is informed by their mission: documenting and protecting Miami’s coral. That’s Miami. I hope you liked it.

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