The 5 Best Instant Stress Busters

NATURAL ESSENCES instant stress busters RHODODENDRON If you find yourself endlessly repeating the same experiences and relationships, this essence can help you adapt to change. It can also encourage you to step back from a situation and see the bigger picture. Affirmation Rhododendron is particularly useful for viewing things from your souls perspective, helping you to lighten up and to let things go. It can harness a less frenetic, more relaxed approach to life “ perfect for a busy Christmas schedule.

From Healthy Rhythms and Finding Perspective blends* MORNING GLORY If your energy levels are low this Christmas, this essence can give you the get-up-and-go to see you through those late nights and interrupted sleep patterns. It can also remove any undesired energies attached to your auric field that you may pick up from tense situations. Whats more, it can help you to open your heart, allowing you to express love and compassion for yourself and others. Affirmation I engage with the present, integrating past lessons to create an exciting future From Sagittarius-Jupiter, Confidence and Trust, Financial Flow, Graceful Release and Healthy Choices blends DAY LILY This flower essence encourages you to seize the day. It assists in releasing old patterns of living and encourages new beginnings.

Its also an ideal essence for letting go of any attachments to opinions or situations “ perfect for heightening feelings of acceptance and forgiveness during a dispute. Whats more, Day Lily can help you to see that expecting others to change is futile “ the only person you can change is yourself. Use this flower to focus on your own thoughts and vibrational alignment, rather than dwelling on the actions of others. Affirmation Im living in the present moment, making the best of each day and savouring its riches. Creative change begins within me, right here, right now From You Are Enough and Soul Nurture blends.

The 5 Best Instant Stress Busters

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