5 Celebrity African Hairstyles

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Nicki Minaj hairstyles

Nicki Minaj 

Hello my love’s, and welcome back to my hair blog, it is that time of year again when many of you are heading back to school in just a few short days. So I wanted to put together a post for you with ten heatless hairstyles that are not only super cute. But are easy to create no matter what your style.

I am sure you will find a hairstyle you will love, and will want to try out. So without further ado if you want to see my ten back-to-school heatless hairstyles then please keep on reading for this first hairstyle I am separating a long triangular shape from my forehead to the top of my crown, and clipping the hair underneath out of the way with this section of hair I am braiding a Dutch braid that is attached to my head.

So to do that you simply want to braid a regular three-strand braid. But instead of crossing the side strands over the middle strand you want to cross them under the middle strand, and as they do this you also want to add in small sections of hair from the outside of the braid to keep the braid attached to your head.

Kelly Rowland hairstyles

Kelly Rowland 

So every time you cross a side strand under the middle strand you want to pick up a section of hair from the outside of the braid incorporate it into the side strand, and cross it under the middle, and simply repeating these steps until I run out of hair to add into the braid, and then I am continuing to braid a few inches down before tying it off with an elastic.


Angel Parker hairstyles

Angel Parker

Then I am gently pulling out on the sides, of the braid to make, it thicker, and creating the exact same braid on the other side once I have my two braids, and gathering them together, and picking up some loose hair from the top of my crown, and twisting the loose hair, and braids together into a messy bun to secure it in place.

Tyra Banks hairstyles

Tyra Banks

I am using a few bobby pins, and then gently pulling out on the sides of the bond to fluff it up for the next hairstyle, and gathering my hair into a high ponytail, and pulling the ponytail through the elastic. Only a few inches on the last tie I,’m just like pulling out, on the top of my hair to create some volume, and then in taking the loose hair wrapping it around the front of the base of the ponytail, and pulling it through the loop that.

Niecy Nash hairstyles

Niecy Nash 

5 Celebrity African Hairstyles

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