5 Chic Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Get Set And Roll Oil

Oh, the power of the roller-set! Roller-setting can create volume and lasting curls in naturally textured, naturally straight (pressed) or relaxed hair.

Defend the Ends

Apply quality oils and butters not just to your scalp but also on the ends. Try not to use excessive heat. The ends are the oldest part of your hair and need extra care. Consider using ORS Olive Oil For Naturals Hydrating Hair Butter to moisturize the hair.

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Trim When Necessary

If you are engaged in a healthy hair routine that involves pampering and protecting your ends, the less you should need to cut. A trim involves snipping off approximately A of an inch. Hopefully your ends will not be damaged beyond that, so you can realize the growth you are experiencing. Once you have trimmed the split ends, make a conscious effort to care for them. Models phtotos: Shutterstock.com

The Perfect Blend

We all want our weaves and extensions to look as natural as possible, which is why many women opt for leave-out styles. This technique includes leaving out a portion of your natural hair to combine with the added hair. The secret to the natural look is all about the blend. The better your own hair blends with added hair, the more natural the style will look. Check the technique for getting that perfect blend.

Shampoo, detangle and condition with Mane ‘N Tail products (found at Walmart). Part the hair at the crown and use a hair clip to separate it from the rest of the hair.

Braid the rest of the hair down toward the nape.

Sew in 12-inch wefts of body-wave hair.

Cut, shape and layer the hair with quality shears and a razor comb.

Unclip separated hair at the crown; apply a clip-in at the very front of the hair.

Curl the entire head of hair with a flat iron.

Brush the hair at the crown to cover the clipin track and blend in with the natural hair to complete the look.

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