5 Fall Trends Lookbook

The first fall trend that I’m loving has got to be the frayed hem denim trend this is a very convenient trend for shorties like me because most pants are too long in us anyways so now we can cut our bottom shorter and not worry about having the ends for my second trend I have got the bell-sleeve look but this is not just limited to tops now it goes for the bottoms too for this outfit I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and rock a bell sleeve top with some bell sleeve pants aka culottes this is a flowy looking number that I dropped to a fancier event where I can sashay away you trend number three is a dark duster coat.

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I always like to bust these out around this time of year where it is a little Nabire I love these coats because I feel like they elongate the body and make any casual looking outfit a little smarter another fall trend that’s poppin has got to be the velvet slip dress slip dresses wear everywhere in the summer but now we could incorporate them in the fall by switching up the texture to something more autumnal like velvet.

I layered the dress with this button down from Bardot because I think it is more suitable for colder weather and I feel like it gives a new meaning to a short dress for my last trend I’m giving a nod to the oversized hoodie looking like a slob has never been more in I really love this hoodie from Inc because of the nice splash of purple and the hand-painted design on the hood I paired this hoodie with a pair of distressed skinnies and some dirty chucks for a comfy casual and slightly too shoveled look all righty guys those are my top five favorite fall trends for the season if you do not see your favorite fall trend in this post make sure you write it down in the comments down below I’d love to be filled in and also if you enjoyed this post make sure you thumbs up the post no.

I do not get paid extra if there’s more likes in a post just like an easy way to show me that you enjoyed the post without writing a comment or anything just a simple button and it would mean a lot to me if you’d like to tell me what your weekend plans are because today is Friday I would love to know what you are up to and yeah I hope you guys have a safe weekend and I will talk to you guys later bye.

5 Fall Trends Lookbook

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