5-in-1 Simple Braids Daddy Do Hairstyles

Hey Good morning again. Today we are going to film what I’m calling the Five In One Braids. Five In One, meaning you can get five different looking hairdos out of the same hairstyle. It’s kind of confusing, but you will understand what I mean by watching the post. So I have wet her down her hair down just slightly. She has really fine hair that tends to fall out by the end of the day. It’s better if I start with hers just slightly wet. And I also call this hairdo A Daddy Do. A Daddy Do means that it is simple enough that even a stay at home dad, or a dad that has his kids for the weekend, or something like that, could whip this hairdo out. And it would be easy and cute. So I have started by parting her hair on her natural part, which is her left, and then I’m actually going to bring it over and part it straight down the middle in the back, into two sections. And while I’m working with one section, I’m going to rubber band the other one out of the way. So just pull it over and clip it. Now I’m going to move over.

5-in-1 Simple Braids Daddy Do Hairstyles Photo Gallery

Kam, I’m going to have to turn your head back, so they can see a little better. I’m just going to take this little group of hair and just comb the hair so it is straight and nice looking. And then I’m just going to do three sections. And just do a quick braid. Pretty easy, pretty basic. You’re just going to end up with a braid on this side which then I’m going to put a rubber band at the end to secure. OK. We’re just going to repeat this on the other side now. Turn your head this way a little bit. Same thing. Just comb all the hair in so that it looks nice. And then just divide into three sections, and start your braid. Braiding is really easy. I have a braid How to French Braid post. And if people want, I can put up just a how to braid. Not sure I have one of those up. If you will email me and let me know if you need that. So you are going to just end up with two little braids on each side. Pretty basic. I’m going to have you have to turn around now. So this is style number one. Look at the camera so they see it. Just the plain braids. Simple and cute. With this hairdo. Now if you want a different look, simply take a cute headband, and add the headband. OK. So there’s a look number two with the same braids. Super cute. Very popular right now. Look number three is a ribbon. Take a little ribbon, put it behind the ears and under the pig tails and knot it at the bottom. And you have look number three. Same hairdo. Just different look. Take that one off. OK. Look number four. This one’s one of my fave for th of July. Take your bandana and tie it in the back. And kind of do a little bit of a biker look. Can’t do this backwards. With the braids coming out the bottom, there’s look number four. And last, but not least, look number five. Get a fun, cute hat, pop the hat on, with the braids hanging out the bottom. So there’s look number five. So this is a great hairdo. It takes two minutes to do the braids, and then you can have five different ways to dress it up, depending on what you are wearing, and how you want to accessorize for the day. Look at the camera and say bye.

5 in 1 Simple Braids Daddy Do Hairstyles

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