5 Minute Bohemian Braid

Today we have this really pretty boho braid. So if you guys want to try rocking this if you are feeling kind of in a hippie or bohemian mood this is really easy like literally five minute hairstyle that you can do, and be out of the door, and look like you put tons of effort into your hair which is my favorite kind of style. So let’s get started go ahead, and place your headband exactly as you want it, and then go ahead if you need to you can pin it in place cut for me this was a little bit loose on my head. So I had to pin it behind each ear just to make sure it wouldn’t wobble around while. I was styling the hair then go ahead, and start with the front section of hair, and take all the hair that you do not want to fall on your face, and go ahead, and wrap that around the headband until you have got most of it incorporated now if you have shorter bangs you can leave those bangs out, and just incorporate the hair behind it or if you have longer bangs you can choose just leave them hanging or pull them back like. I did that one’s completely up to you but that’s how it looks then we are going to switch over to the other side take all the hair in front of the ear on that side, and wrap it around the band twice, and then after you wrapped it around twice you are going to go ahead, and start incorporating more hair until we have all the hair from that side wrapped around the band this is similar to another tutorial that. I did which. I will go ahead, and link at the end of the post.

5 Minute Bohemian Braid Photo Gallery

So you can check that out if you want to see more of that but you see. I just added in that section, and now, I will going to add in a third section, and wrap it around the band, I will sorry. I miss getting that shot from behind. I do not know what. I was thinking that day but anyway you have got that all wrapped around the band, and then you are going to go ahead, and pull that headband forward just a little bit just to give it a little bit more look then you are going to split the remaining hair into three, and you are going to go ahead, and just braid normally now you can do whatever braid you want for this you can do a normal braid you can do a fishtail braid you can do a four strand braid whatever you want to do but, I will doing a snake grade. Because. I think it looks really cool. So you are going to take the section in the middle, and hold the other two sections on either side, and scrunch the hair back up like. So, and then you go ahead, and pull it down just a little bit you do not want to pull it down all the way or else you lose the little snake shape but once you pulled it down just partially you can go ahead, and secure it with a band, and that is your finished hairstyle super easy right, and again if the snake braid is not your thing you can do whatever you want with it this is a great way to get your hair back, and out of way, and really quickly really easily but you do not have to put a ton of effort into it, and it is got a lot of look, and attitude. So it kind of adds a good bit to an outfit, I will be back later with more tutorials be sure to check back and, I will see you then bye you.

5 Minute Bohemian Braid

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