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Hey guys! It’s Bea. I’m in the my blog office, roaming the hallways, looking for a coworker to ambush because I’m going to give their workspace a Five Minute Flip. I want to show you guys how in five minutes, you can transform your space and your life, so let’s go. Oh my god! Hi! Someone just touched me. It’s me! Oh hey Bea! Oh hey! What’s up! I’m ambushing you because girl I see the way you’re working and I think we can do better. I think so too, honestly. You are the very first Five Minute Flip. I’m going to take five minutes. I’m honored! Go to town on your desk. Not going to have snap peas flying around.

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You have a lot of things going on. Will you just give me a little run-through? I like to be hydrated. Water. Water. Bottle. Bottle. Baby bottle. Hydration is key. I love color and also these. That looks dead. Well at one point it was a blossoming rose. There ain’t no color going on in this. If you were to describe your ideal workspace in three words, what would they be? Okay. Colorful, clean, Okay. and efficient. Can you come and do this to my home? I mean.

This is exciting. Is there anything else I need to know? Just be organized, that’s it. That’s the whole point of the show. Let’s get five minutes on the clock. What I want to start to do is clear the whole desk so I can see the space and see what we’re working with as far stuff that she wants to keep on the desk and also what could just go away. I mean a dead plant. There’s nothing you can do. It’s dead. So she told me that she has this baby bottle that she needs to give away, so I’m going to put that to the side because that does not deserve a place on her desk. Food – let’s put that away. Really, Linda? Two mousepads. Who has a mini library at their desk? Okay, so she has these lights and already I see what I’m going to do with them. I love this idea. We’re just going to tweak it a little bit. I’m going to use these little clips to attach Linda’s lights along the back border of her desk. So before Linda had this just kind of sitting on her desk.

It’s the thing that turns the lights on. I’m going to attach it underneath. I’ve got these that will literally hold sixteen pounds. Convenient placement. It’s like magic. Getting a little cable wrangling – if you will. Linda loves color. She’s got these cool ice cream prints. We’re going to move them back into this space. Love a good gold pushpin. And if we know anything about Linda, she likes ice cream. Moving the stuff back in. Aww yeah. Put it under the monitor. The other thing I got for Linda is a little organizer and I actually think it will benefit her more if we tuck it away on the side and hide the storage space for Linda’s desk. That is called efficiency of space.

This was another little art project that Linda had. Basically taking what Linda already had and repurposing it. Perfect knickknacks for this little catch-all. Mousepads, but she doesn’t even have a mouse. Her last plant. Just repurposing some things she already had. I think time’s up. Come, come, come to your new desk. Oh! Look at these lights. You reinvented the lights a little bit. The three things you told me before you left were colorful, clean, and efficiency. You already had the color going on. It was just about reworking what you already had, the lights stringing them so they just weren’t taking space on your desk. Cleaned – I mean you had some trash on the desk. It was really just a matter of throwing some things away. A stray aspirin running around.

Oh. Yeah. And efficiency – using things that you already had. This awesome jar full of lights is now a penholder. This little catch-all is like your miscellaneous pile. Your mug. Your plant. That became one. Clean desk, natural light. Hope you’re feeling good. It’s great. Thank you. Good luck. Thanks. It is so James Bond. Lights on.

Lights off. Thanks so much for reading. To comment to my blog click on comment button. To read more posts click on comment button. And let me know about your own hacks in the comments below. See you next time!.

5 Minute Desk Organization Fink Bea Organized

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