5 Minute Party Updo

So you have got your dress, and your jewelry, and your makeup all done but you only have five minutes left what do you do this is what. I usually do in those situations it is really fast, and easy but it looks like you put tons of effort into it. So it is great for that party that you have going on the first steps actually come from this quick calf up style that., I have already done, and you can check out that tutorial if you want a more elaborate description of what happens there but basically you are going to tease, and bump the crown, and then you take a large section from the front, and drape it just underneath the bump, and pin it in place then you are going to repeat the same thing on the other side now you are going to split the remaining here in half, and braid each half if you want a more messy hairstyle braid these pieces loosely, and kind of messily, and if you want a more refined looking style braid them a little bit more neatly now take one side, and drape it just underneath the bump that we have already formed, and put it in place.

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There now if you have extra hair like. I do you are going to go ahead, and wrap it into a bun shape right underneath where we just pinned the braid, and now you will repeat the same thing on the other side drape this braid just underneath the one that we have already placed, and pin it in place there, and once you have that in place you are going to go ahead, and coil whatever hair you have remaining into a bun shape, and make sure you get those little ends tucked in. So that they are not sticking out unless you have that all position just go ahead, and stick a ton of bobby pins in there until it stays securely make sure they crisscross your bobby pins. So that the style holds all night long, and that’s it do not forget to tweet me or Facebook me pictures if you guys try this out this is great for pretty much any formal occasion especially if you do not want to spend forever on your hair. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And I will see you guys in my next post.

5 Minute Party Updo

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