5 The Best False Eyelashes for That Extra Oomph

Always wanted to try falsies, but never knew where to start? We’ve got you.



So I’m using the Garnier or anti dark, circle roller under my eyes, and I’m using the l’oreal true match natural powder to set my concealer now put on your lid now take a shimmery champagne color and apply it on your inner tear-duct and a little bit on your lid. Now using any basic neutrals palette I’m using, coffee bean by Revlon Colorstay, you’re going to take a light tan color.

And just apply it over your entire lid now yo,u’re doing a frosty, pink color I’m going to take some of the finger and apply it to the center. And outer part of my lid then using some matte, neutral Browns I’m, going to apply that to my outer corner and my crease this shimmery Brown is going to act as my liner. Then I want to curl my lashes and just apply, 5 the best false eyelashes for that extra oomph my favorite mascara of course, to my eyelashes and a little bra my lower lashes now I’m going to take a sheer bubblegum pink with my bdellium tools 942 brush and just apply it on my cheeks.


ardell lashes


Their Demi Wispies($7.19 for 5 pairs)

Then I’m going to take a 2,/2 chopstick and just apply, that all over my lips because a nice neutral feel this is a more colorful middle-school look like. Last time I’m going to start off by, priming my lid and ,I’m willing to take Kiki’s eyeshadow in the color of lilac it’s just a purple shimmery base and I’m just going to apply that all over my entire lid now using the frosty pink again.

Natural Lash ($4.99) and their Individual Lashes ($4.99).

Lilly Lashes

Lilly Lashes Mykonos

Lilly Lashes

Mykonos ($29.99) pictured above and Hollywood ($29.99).

I’m just going to apply that to my, lid then I’m, going to take any light light purple and just apply it to the center of my lid with my finger. Now I’m going to take the same neutral, Browns and just apply it, to my crease now curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara now like. Last time take a shear bubblegum pink blush and apply, it to cheeks that take, 5 the best false eyelashes for that extra oomph like a bubblegum pink lipgloss and apply it to your lips now we’re going to work one of those old side ponies I used to do in middle school high school now that.

Velour Lashes

velour lashes

Velour Lashes

Whispie Me Away ($29).

Serendipity ($29) and Are Those Real? ($29)

House of Lashes

 Iconic Lite ($12).

 Boudoir ($12).

Petite Cosmetics

Dainty ($8.63)

Lovestruck ($10.79) and Fierce($10.79


5 The Best False Eyelashes for That Extra Oomph

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