5 The Best Lip Products Ever

It’s the easiest pick-me-up for any makeups wearer…

Makeup essentials for college girls.

Then, mix it up until it’s the desired color. Then, pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into it. Then, mix that up. Put that product into the container. Then, take a tissue and a nickel and use that to press the product in. Then, add something heavy on top of it til the rubbing alcohol evaporates. And you’re done. To make the bronzer, 5 the best lip products ever cut the bottom half of the water bottle off and the top half off. And pour some cocoa powder into the bottom and some rubbing alcohol. Mix that up. And use a tissue and something to press it down until the rubbing alcohol has evaporated.

Then, take the top half of the water bottle and cut an opening at the top. But don’t cut it all the way. Leave a little bendy space. Then, put that on top of the bronzer and hot glue the two pieces together. Then, glue the cut part over, just so it of has a grip and there’s no openings. Then, glue a small rubber band to the top half and measure 5 the best lip products ever how far you need the bottom half glue to be. Then, let that dry. And then, you have a little grip to latch on to. And that’s the bronzer. For the lipstick, take a water bottle, cut off the label and the top half of the water bottle.

The Best Lip Balms:


This Agave Lip Balm from Bite ($18)

Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Care ($10.99 for 4).

korres lip butter


Lip Butters ($12)

Then, cut the cap off. Measure how much of the piece you’ll need to fold that into a lipstick container-sized piece of plastic and cut it off. Then, glue it, but fold it in a diagonal position so that both the top and the bottom half are both the same sized openings. And cut off any extra plastic. Now, take the other half of plastic and glue them the same way. But take a small piece of plastic and glue that on the top to make it the lipstick lid. And cut off any excess. Now, take another piece of plastic and glue that in the same way.

The Best Lip Tints:

glossier gen g


The Glossier Generation G lipsticks ($18) Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips($6)

Peripera Ink Gelato ($11)

lip glosses are from Colourpop ($6)

Buxom Plumping Lip Cream ($21) and Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb ($18)

But make sure that the sizing fits inside the lipstick container. Then, glue a piece of plastic on the top so that you can just push up the product. To make the product, take some Vaseline and food coloring and mix those two together until it’s super pigmented. Then, place the product into the container. And put it into the freezer until it’s solid. Once it’s solid. Cut some of the product off so that it’s lipstick shaped. And then, you could use a lever to push up the product. And that’s everything..

5 The Best Lip Products Ever

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