Drop down and give me 20 short hairstyles for the gym or workout just kidding son me twenties me more around like 5 to 12 range too much work for me a lot of these hairstyles are going to be extremely easy they will take you very fast to put that way very fast and then others you will require a little bit of time and a little bit more effort. But they will last a very long time let’s get started the first one is going to be extremely simple and, I call this one of the bubble ponytail why do you ask. Because actually it looks like a little bogles forming into a long ponytail for this you will need is some clear elastics and, I do recommend.


So your head wouldn’t hurt or the elastics want to snap as easy, I like to use the larger size let me quickly show you the comparison, I like to use these big ones versus these really tiny ones they stretch out a lot more and they are much easier to take off. So I’m just going to brush up my hair just a little bit just going towards the backs, I do not want too many crazy bumps. If you are wondering why my hair has so much volume and texture. Because this bad boy are Enco Death Valley dry shampoo testing it out and, I’m obsessed obsessed with this stuff the first section is going to be a little bit right before the crown. So I’m just going to grab some hair right next to my temples and Lynch is going to bring it up towards the crown. So you clear elastic and just tie it off into a ponytail. So I’m going to be a little bit extra and a little bit of a diva and wrap a little bit of hair around the clear elastic just.

Because, I do not want it to be shown. So next we are going to grab the other section right below it and we are going to include the ponytail from up above. So, I think the only trick to this hairstyle is making sure you grabbed equal size amount sections. So it does not look lopsided the bubbles and this is the optional step I’m going to grab some hair and wrap it around again and I’m going to do this every single section that, I do like, I said totally optional now continue doing this try to grab the same size sections with the ponytail from up above and. If you want to wrap your hair around the little ponytail just a little bit too highly clear last you do not have to do this you can keep it nice and tight like this. But I like to go back and pull apart each little section that we did to make it a little bit more bubbly. So if you are in a hurry the hairstyles for you and super cute it will last you all throughout the gym even after.

Because every section is tied off this was great for layers, I just love this one it is really cute gives a nice impact and, I love this one it is really fast and there’s my gym time baby yes one time for the hair more time for these good hair cell number two is extremely simple and really cute. Because we are going to do two little pigtails for right here and I’m actually going to put a hat on. Because sometimes my hair is super dirty it is like three or four days old. So hats coming very handy and plus we keep the sweat down from running it down your face when Medusa’s divide my hair right down the middle it does not have to be perfect whatsoever I’m just grabbing the hair from one side behind the ear take the bigger clear elastic and just tie off your hair there we go that’s it you can take a little bit of hair wrap it around your clear elastic adds an extra like ten seconds take your half and put it which way you want there we have it for the double mini ponytails with a hat, I own this one is not as original or creative. But it is extremely simple, and it is really cute, and it is very fast to do this next one is a little bit more original we are going to add a little bit of a retro modern element to it this is going to be a really high ponytail right on the top let’s gather all of your hair as high as you want before, I tie it off I’m going to take some of my hairspray this is the big sexy voluminous and hairspray I’m going to spray to like the underside or the back of my hair you are going to take any brush and use my teasing comb and just kind of brush up my hair to the top this will help my little hairs in the back kind of stay up and the flyaways try to be a little bit more control Dutch take a heavy-duty hair elastic this one is from Nordstrom and this one is incredible it is so heavy duty it is legit it is insane it is really tight, and it is really cute. So just tie off your hair as tight as you want it to be for the next step you will want some kind of longer bobby pins and this is the brand matter grip my favourite brand, I get them from Sally’s beauty and it just has a really cute navy blue design with gold. So what you are going to do is you are going to take the bobby pins and some of these hairs like this is why we will use hairspray to kind of help the hairs already go to the very top of your head to kind of help them to be more secure to add even more security.

If that’s even a word no it is not add more security to your hair is in the back you are going to take these bobby pins and just make sure you just stack them on top of each other you add like eight to ten bobby pins it will add a really cool design and secure it into your hair. So, I use a total of ten longer bobby pins and I will turn direction to make sure all the hair stays in place and there we have it it is an edgy hairstyle that’s with a high ponytail, and it is great. If you have shorter hair. Because it will make sure to keep your hair nice and tight and secure the entire session when you are in the gym. So here still number four is any type of top nut bun messy bun donewhatever you want, I actually have a separate post where, I features ten of my favorite one. If you guys want to watch I will have it linked down below right here or in the icons up above just take your high ponytail and give it a couple of twists and just wrap it around the hair tie or the clear elastic whatever you have your ponytail secured and then just take the ends and just kind of tuck them underneath your bun and just take a mini bobby pin and just secure it and there we have it there are. So many options of how to do a top knot messy bun donut for shorter hair like, I said you guys want more options I will have the post linked down below for you guys short hair spell at number five is going to be a double braided something I’m going to figure out what, I want to do with the bottom.

So basically I’m just going to split my hair right in half as you can see not doing any of these perfect. Because I’m taking me to the gym the Brady my choice is going to be a Dutch lace braid it is super simple it is an easier one than a regular Dutch braid icing could you are only adding hair to one side. So you are going to take it under the middle the outer sections one more time and then this is where the lace braid and Dutch braid come in. So you take it underneath you take it underneath and then you are going to add hair only to this side to the middle just like that take the outer section underneath outer section underneath and adhered to underneath to the middle section underneath stop adhere and I’m kind of keeping the braid close to my hair to my face or hair line and I’m making sure I’m grabbing here from the parting line as well and then just finish braiding the hair without adding any more once you get like halfway down your ear in the back take a clear elastic and just tie it off and then do the same thing on this side. So you can keep the braid nice and tight. If you’d like. But I’m going to pull it apart just a little bit.

But I like right here to add a little bit more volume not a little bit more texture. Because, I do not want it too tight to match and these take. So fast. If you know how to braid and, I think the lace braid is one of the easiest braids. Because you only adding hair to one section I’m gonna pull a price upgrade just a little bit. So like, I said you can either do like two little pigtails like right here on the side maybe do like two little cute buns with the braid some is going to call one big section and I’m going to add a cute little cup to my ponytail and there we have it for the double braided ponytail hairstyle rendition for the gym. If you know how to braid this one’s ridiculously simple it takes maybe like two minutes to do not even.

Because you are not trying to be perfect or anything it is nice and secure very rugged for the gym which, I appreciate, I still look somewhat cute when, I work out, I hope you guys like this one as well hair cell number six is going to be basically like a faux bun with three different ponytails instead of going vertical we are going to do the horizontal create three sections one two three. Because my hair is a little bit shorter right here in the front to have a little bit of a fringe I’m going to braid this middle should cut into like a fauxhawk parade doing the Dutch braid and I’m going to braid only to the crown of my head. So grab a nice section from the front and divide it into three you can take the outer sections underneath underneath this ver wrist are adding here underneath and then you are going to start adding hair from the parting line that we created. So once you reach the crown of your head to stop any here to your braid and just finish braiding it off and then just tie it off with a clear elastic and then whatever your hair is left it just pick it up into like a half ponytail. So tie it off once and the second time tie it off halfway. So we will have like this half ponytail half top knot. So I’m just going to take the sides and just tie it off as close as possible to the one in the center same thing tie off water once or twice like a regular ponytail and then the third or the second time tied off halfway.

So you have like this half ponytail half top nothing. So to combine this you are going to take the top section first and then come with the outer section and combine it to the middle section do the same thing to the other side with the top function and then do the same thing on the bottom side through the bottom section combined into the middle section and just keep going back and forth until it looks kind of uniform and it looks like a really pretty full bun like a really big horizontal button, I do not know play around with it see what works best and just make sure it is nice and tight and secure and here we have it hairstyle number six it is really cute it is edgy it is simple just to hear out of your face what do you guys think of this one for the seventh hairstyle I’m going to actually keep this braid. But I undid it and, I just tied it off in a little ponytail right at the crown of my head I’m going to add a little fun element to this with tiny little twist going on the side of the party line going underneath the little ponytail and meeting in the back this is extremely simple you grab a little section on the side divide it into two oh please a couple of times you take the two sections and you start twisting them away from each other and then give them a twist going towards the box we are going to add a little bit of hair just to the one section and do it a little twist two or three twists same thing on the other side I’m only adding hair to those sections underneath or the left section give it a couple twists same thing you do a couple twists the opposite way and twist them going towards the back add a little bit of hair and you continue doing this until you reach the clown your pet make sure you keep twisting them to add like that rope effect take a clear elastic and just tie off good twist and see, I tie it off, and it is not going anywhere just. Because every twist is going the opposite direction this line going towards they are going opposite. So they just do the same thing on this side make sure you keep the twist going the opposite direction to each other to give us that really nice tight rope effect you are going to take both of the twists and you are going to combine them underneath the ponytail and just secure them both of the clear elastics what do we think of this one this is definitely for those that do not like to wear their hair up maybe it is too short or whatever you can obviously do a nice low ponytail you can do like a messy bun in the back of whatever you prefer this kind of gives like a nice edgy twist to like a full hawk that’s braided and this concludes the post for Jim slash workouts short hairstyles we made it to 7, I think that it is plenty enough of inspiration to make your hair really cute out of your face and just maybe inspire you to go to the gym I’m feeling inspired, I start going back to the gym thank you so much for reading this post let me know which one was your favorite maybe. If you do recreate it tag me on my social media sites like Instagram or Facebook hope you guys enjoyed this post I will see you guys in the next one, I love you all. So very much bye.

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