8 Best Interior Designs in Mystic


Although her love of Asian-inspired decor knows no bounds, Böhm ensures that her home doesn’t become a cliché by tempering her more obvious pieces with items from European brands such as Minotti, Ligne Roset and Timothy Oulton, which take pride of place throughout her house, as well as pieces by Hong Kong furniture designer Michael Yeung, whose Vortex stainless steel coffee table anchors her living room.

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It all makes for an interesting aesthetic—one that appeals to Böhm’s dual identity as a German national and an adopted Singaporean. The only rooms in her home that haven’t embraced her unique vision these days are her children’s; much to her chagrin, they no longer feature the Asian furniture pieces that she once picked out for them, but now look like pretty much any teenager’s room.

Having amassed such an impressive collection over the decades, Böhm’s only concern now is what to do with it when she and her husband eventually downsize their abode or head back to Europe for good. But then, as with her eclectic interior style, Böhm is content not to plan too much. If anyone can bring the spirit of the East to Munich, it’s surely her.

8 Best Interior Designs in Mystic

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