A Kapha-Balancing Recipe

Why is Roasted and Spiced Barley with Vegetables such a good recipe for Kapha? The ingredients are nearly all Kapha-reducing, and the cooking methodsroasting, frying in small amounts of light oil, and steamingare good ones for Kapha as well; the finished dish sparkles with appetizing colors and textures, and it tastes delicious.
Although everyone can eat some of this dish as part of a balanced
meal, for Kapha it is a first choice as a main dish because the barley is essentially light in quality, easily digested, and not too filling. The outstanding tastes of this recipe are pungent, sweet, and salty. The most important ingredient in this recipe is the barley, and of equal interest is how we handle it. Light, dry, astringent barley is a low-fat, low-salt grain that Kapha can enjoy in almost any amount. It is too light in quality and astringent for Vata to eat regularly, and although its astringency is good for Pitta, the lightness is rather unsatisfying to Pittas appetite. For those following a Kaphaitta diet barley is better than for someone with Pitta alone. And even better for the lightness, in this recipe we roast the barley in a pungent oil before boiling it. Heating changes the effect of many ingredients. We talked previously about how boiling milk and water lightens them and makes them easier to digest. Heating grains in just a little oil (or preferably, none at all if you watch them very carefully) removes some of their heavy quality. It is a good habit to regularly roast rice, bulgur, and other whole grains when cooking for Kapha.
In this recipe the roasted barley absorbs the spicy cayenne taste, carrying the pungency right through the whole dish. The amount used is not the mouth-burning and eye-watering type, but simply comfortable. Its important to know that even though Kapha can eat pungent food it is not healthy to overdo it.
The remaining ingredients, pumpkin and sesame seeds, and the variety of vegetables in this recipe are all good for reducing Kapha.
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A Kapha Balancing Recipe

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