Adam Rippon & Jenna Johnson Talk Bowl Cuts Drag Queen Splits & How They Won ‘DWTS’

Thank you what do I do I’m nervous kiss a trophy what’s up guys I’m Joe Drake here with Adam Ripa, and Jenna Johnson winners of the Mirrorball trophy from Dancing with the Stars athletes presentations you guys thank you. So how is it winning this versus winning a bronze medal. I mean both pet events, and incredible both are. So incredible I think what’s the main difference is that the Olympics I trained my entire life for, and it was something that.

I was an experienced I was. So ready, and prepared for Dancing with the Stars is something that you just throw yourself into yeah, it’s in such a short amount of period of time. So, it’s it’s a different kind of pressure, and he’s at this one thing that every time we would come out like 30 seconds look like when our package was playing his life, and let’s go live he would forget all of his moves oh the whole thing remember like how to start like where we would start, and generally every week no what would you feel like I don’t know what. I’m doing no he’s a it was terrible now did you guys have a favorite dance season every dance seriously was my favorite, and every week.

I was like oh that one’s gonna be my favorite right, and then we would do some other one like for example we had this drive this battle dance against Allen, and Mariah, and it was like the least of our priorities we’re like we’ll just figure it out it became kind of our favorite really we did like this drag queen jump split split split things Jen, and I had these planned drag queen splits amazing. So then I was really more focused on what was going on down here right right right was there a hardest routine to learn quick quick sense. Yeah it was like her meltdown right I definitely having a hard time with this one keep rotating no with your cool body. Yeah why do you think that is I think, it’s just. Because there’s so many steps right quick step in general is very fast, and you can’t dumb it down to look too slow all right, it’s very apparent that you’re dumbing it down yeah, and I I didn’t hold back at all. I was like you’re gonna do a full competitive professional quick start, and then he didn’t, and killed us I need to get out of bed cuz, it’s time to go to rehearsal for five hours. So how was it performing without skates a totally different experience.

I almost feel like I’m almost naked without totally you know when I’m on the ice, and Jen even said this like within our first week of training that she went to one of my stars, and ice shows before we had our first week of competition, and she said it’s so funny reading like you, and Mariah on the ice. Because you go out there, and you just you own that big space yeah, and then you know we both were. So kind of worried, and trying to just get everything together you could tell like we just weren’t in our element right. So I think for me the biggest thing was just kind of owning the moment, and owning that element even if I didn’t feel a hundred percent confident in what. I was doing it was just we have talked about that bowl-cut. Yeah I loved it I loved it there Jenna told me everyone was gonna wear a wig, and I was like what about my wig we wanted to do something different. But we wanted to do something super fierce that people are gonna like lose their mind. So we’re really different. Yeah I wasn’t expecting it. But it paid off absolutely we were sort of like Harajuku inspired like snidely Nicki Minaj vibe a little bit you clearly said. I look like Nicki Minaj to my foot it still looks cute in the brain like like you look like a seventh grade kid from like when we were kids. Yeah this ridiculous seventh-grade chic. Yeah you’re bringing it back I am. I’m bringing it back for the seventh graders all right thank you guys. So much for coming congratulations thank you I’ll be reading you in the fall, and we’re gonna be keeping up with you every step of the way.

Adam Rippon & Jenna Johnson Talk Bowl Cuts Drag Queen Splits & How They Won ‘DWTS’ Photo Gallery

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