Adriana Lima

Ë Lets start from your family ,How they help you in modeling career ?

My older sister is my biggest motivation I think she is the most beautiful Model in the industry, and my mom is my number one fan.

Ë Any special childhood prank or memory ?

One of my favorite childhood memories is our family camping trips we took every summer. Ë Educational qualification : To everyone’s surprise I’m secretly a certified medical assistant.

Ë How you became a model, how did you experience the first job you did as a model?

I first modeled seeking out a local, talented photographer named Johnny Tee, I was always inspired by his work and wanted him to teach me his ways!

Ë Why did you choose this line ? To feel Beautiful . Ë Your inspiration : My inspiration stems from my own lack of self confidence growing up, I never felt pretty enough and I was very over weight, but when I became motivated and lead a healthier lifestyle I felt much more empowered. You can be your biggest hater or self-motivator!! Ë Projects you have worked in- I have done two promotional videos for two different vaporizer companies, I would love to do more!

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Adriana Lima

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