African Female Hairstyles


Lack of sleep will also affect how hair grows – the better you sleep the healthier your hair. It follows then that it is important to address any physical or psychological or medical causes of stress that prevent sleep and full relaxation.

Illness and medication

We also want to give a word of caution here – we are assuming that you are in reasonably good health as you begin the journey to get your natural hair to its peak appearance. We assume that you are not suffering from any ailment or disease. Any form of disease will further affect the quality of your hair negatively so if you are sick – no matter how minor you believe the disease is – make sure you see a doctor immediately and get yourself as well as possible again. Otherwise you may find that your hair suffers twice, once from illness and a second time from poor nutrition and neglect.

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Any medication you are taking or medical treatment you are going through may also affect your hair as it changes the chemistry of your body so watch out for this too. Chemotherapy treatment for cancer is well known for its impact on hair with many cancer patients losing all their hair when on treatment. Quite a few other medications have hair loss as a side effect; birth control pills, hormones used during menopause, antibiotics, anti-depressants, drugs used to control heart disease and many others. Hair normally grows back when the person stops taking the medicines but in rare cases the loss can be permanent.

African Female Hairstyles

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