African Women Hair Cuts

The hair ends up looking like white crust. When it dries, it looks like a helmet you can’t even see the hair color because of the coating of hairspray. Please don’t apply too much product over your beautiful red hair color. In fact, it is not good to use too much hairspray on any shade of color-treated hair as it will dramatically accelerate the fading process.

If you are using an at-home colorant and your fear starts to overwhelm you, Stop! Do not use the product as directed the first time. Use these little tricks before you apply the product: Simply mix as directed in the formulations below, then add one ounce of water or shampoo to the product to slow down the pigmentation action. This will help dilute the formula, and it works great if you have never colored your hair before.

Use these formulas like a soap-cap: just “sud” them onto your entire scalp, just like you’re shampooing. Allow to process for about 15 minutes (or less if you’re still scared) and then shampoo out and condition. You will still get a color deposit, but not as much as with a full-strength application. Next time, you can still use water and allow the formulation to process longer.

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You will still have a slight re-growth. This modified formula will not work as well if you already tint your hair, because it will not penetrate the tinted hair as well as it would natural hair. Furthermore, the scalp could wind up being a different shade than the rest of the hair shaft. If you can match your tinted hair color, you can just diffuse the re-growth by using this formula. If your hair is damaged and you want to cut down on chemicals to let your hair “rest” for a bit, use the modified formula above. This diluted mixture will not cover as well as it does when using equal portions of peroxide and color in your formula, as the directions on the box instruct you to do.


Have a great haircut and style. Red hair is boring with an ordinary look, so keep it sharp and cutting-edge. Curly red hair is wonderful when layers are cut into the hair so a halo of soft waves, dances around the head reflecting the richness of this unique and vibrant color.

African Women Hair Cuts

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