Acoustic folk-pop with a bit of bite

London musician Alex Seel’s new five track EP covers all the currently popular bases from Mumfords-style folk-pop to Nick Drake-tinged introspection. That description alone of course may be enough to send many people running for the hills. After all, does the world really need yet another guy with an acoustic guitar? The answer in Seel’s case is maybe, as, while his sound is distinctly generic his lyrics are social commentary rather than moon/June rubbish. He can deliver a bit of bite too, as evidenced by Virtual Grief’s140 characters, as sincere as it is longline. The highlight is the final track, Hollowed Man, an anti-war piece that not only has lyrical depth but also is musically more interesting, with a combination of effects and distortion making the piece into a distinctly powerful one.

With the exception of the jaunty opener Oh The Glamour things are a little too one-paced though and there is the sense that this is music that sits politely in the corner, hoping to be noticed rather than demanding attention. But Seel can write and that, combined with a bit more grit, would move him from the pack up to the front. Jeremy Searle


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