Alfalfa sprouts are one of the most popular sprouts, available at nearly every supermarket and health food store. From the tiny alfalfa seed, great health benefits can be obtained. In fact, when considered in the dry weight, as 90% of the sprouts weight is water, the alfalfa sprout provides an enormous amount of nutrients.

For example, the calcium content (1750mg) is better than any cheese (Parmesan, for example, has 1100mg). The iron (35mg) and vitamin A (44,000 IU) content are also enormous. Ensure that your alfalfa sprouts are fresh and rinsed properly, to obtain the benefits and nice flavour. In comparison to lettuce and spinach, alfalfa sprouts provide over three times the value of calcium, iron and magnesium, and for a super salad, alfalfa sprouts with tahini provides complete protein. On their own, alfalfa sprouts are not a complete protein food as they lack four amino acids.

In their fresh state, alfalfa sprouts provide trace minerals such as zinc (0.9mg), copper (0.2mg), selenium (0.6mcg) and manganese (0.2mg) plus cobalt. In the dry weight, values for molybdenum (2.6ppm) have been recorded. A regular serve of alfalfa sprouts can promote blood building and elimination of excess body acids via the urinary system.

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Alfalfa sprouts also provide a good supply of vitamin K (30mcg) plus vitamin P, and in their dry weight, a measure of vitamin B12 (0.3mg) has also been recorded. The vitamin C content is low (8mg) but a slice of red capsicum will easily increase the supply. All the basic B vitamins are supplied in small amounts with alfalfa sprouts. A note of caution for persons with inflammatory or auto-immune system problems: high levels of the amino acid canavanine, in alfalfa sprouts, may cause such conditions to be irritated.

On a positive note, alfalfa sprouts have proven very beneficial in preventing the bacteria (Helicobacterpylori) that causes stomach ulcers.

Alfalfa sprouts are a very good source of phytoestrogens, used by the body as antioxidants and for prevention of menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer. Let the freshly prepared alfalfa sprout add life and a beneficial bounce to your daily bread.


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