Alice, and Olivia Inspired Quick Updo

Hey girls Abbey here recently. I was looking through the spring ready-to-wear look books. And I found the one from Alice, and Olivia. And I loved it, I will going to link it in the down bar. So you guys can check it out. I love that it was just a throwback to the s, and s. I loved all the bright colors. I just loved how fun it was. So I decided to kind of devote a week to that this hairstyle is actually taken directly from the runway show, and then. I have a couple more for you guys that. I retro-inspired like the show was.

Alice, and Olivia Inspired Quick Updo Photo Gallery

So check out the show in the down bar just. So you can see what it was about. I hope you guys like it too. And I will see you in my next couple posts ma. I first you are going to collect all your hair over to the side in a little pony tail, and just secure that with a small band then you are going to take instructions of hair, and twist them all the way down twist them pretty tightly, and once you get to the end pull it back up to its base, and it will naturally just curl around itself if you twisted it really tight, and then pin that back into the base hair that’s right there next to the band, and continue that throughout the rest of your ponytail just to create those little hanging twists all around, and then we are going to do some more with that after you have all created all of that if your hair is shorter you might not want to put it in a ponytail first you might just want to make these little twists as your hair will form over into the side whatever is going to work for you, and once you have all that just go ahead, and pin it in place, and then you are going to arrange these little twists as you see fit you can see here, I will taking this one over the top. I kind of wanted to cover up the top of what.

I had done there, and taking another one over the top just to add some height. I wanted an all blog, and bun here. So again, I will just taking things up. And I didn’t like how low those were hanging. So I just went ahead, and folded them in half, and pin them up this is going to be one of those things where you mess around with it, and see what you like but that’s it you are done you can add a little accessory if you want. I think it is super cute, and super easy, and fairly elegant. So hope you guys like it, I will see you my next post.

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