Allergy Relief

Ease symptoms of seasonal allergies such as stuffy nose, itchy eyes, tight sinuses, dry cough& headaches.

20 drops Lemon essential oil 20 drops Peppermint essential oil 20 drops Lavender essential oil Instructions:

1. Combine essential oils in first in10 ml roller bottle.

2. Fill the rest of the roller bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil

3. Roll on back of neck and rub on hands, inhaling deeply. Also, place directly under bridge of nose.

3. Use as many times as needed for relief.

Cold Feet/Hands Blend

4 drops Black Pepper

2 drops Thyme Instructions:

1. Combine and fill roller bottle (1/3oz) with fractionated coconut oil

2. Apply before going out in cold temperatures and also when coming back inside.

Allergy Relief Photo Gallery

It could be picking up the phone and chatting with a girlfriend or watching a favorite movie or even painting your fingernails. The idea is to set aside a few minutes, with the door closed, to do what you would do in your normal life. It will help get you through some of the not-so-normal moments. As mentioned in Chapter 14, you should also talk to your medical team about leaves of absence. Depending on your condition and current situation, you may be able to have a friend or family member take you out of hospital for a short escape. The rules of your outing will be clearly defined for you (how long you can stand/sit/drive, and when you need to be back in hospital). I had one friend take me shopping to a store that had wheelchairs. For a glorious 30 minutes I was wheeled through the store, and was able to pick up some baby items for my son, school supplies for my daughter, and some decorations for my hospital room. I also had outings for supper, a trip to the farmers’ market, and visits to a friend’s house. These outings, which were usually limited to two hours, did wonders to boost my mental health and make me feel like a normal pregnant mom, if only for a few minutes.

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