ANGEL OF THE MONTH Archangel Metatron who helps us realise our potential as loving and worthwhile beings My boyfriend keeps picking on me. Hes been making sarcastic and negative comments about me and I dont know why. I dont know if I’m being too sensitive and should let it go, or whether I should try and talk to him about it. Please can you tell me what my angels think?

RADLEIGH SAYS: Your angels tell me about the many times that youve had to defend your actions and your beliefs. However, constantly feeling that you have to be on guard is wearing thin. Your own self-confidence is starting to take a hit from the sarcasm and personal attacks. There comes a time when its necessary to remove negative people from our lives. Those who create great drama around us only bring us down, energetically and emotionally.

When that happens we become tired, drained and can even start to become quite negative and sarcastic to others ourselves. Your angels say that it is not your true nature to be surrounded by this kind of energy. It would be a very sad thing for you to lose your innate kindness and positive outlook. Should you just let go of the fact that your boyfriend is being unkind? No. Its time to let new people, who are more loving, and supportive, into your life.


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