Amanda Seyfried Best Dresses

The year 2016 will be a busy one for Ciccone, starting off with shooting her first collection for the Hair Expo New Creative Force category, progressing into the second year of the House of Talent programme, commencing the year as a Head Stylist in the salon and presenting her work with the KCS team at industry events like Hair Expo and try her styling skills at Sydney and Melbourne Fashion Weeks.

Inspiration behind Crude Amanda Seyfried

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Crude translates into a natural or raw state. Says Ciccone, “My inspiration was based on the Alexander McQueen and Maison Margiela SS16 Haute Couture.

I combined hairstyle elements from the 70s with current hair trends to create an overall look that is unrefi ned and edgy in its fi nished state. The hairstyles are large and electrifi ed with a mixture of natural hair and high shine materials. Makeup is understated and raw, Amanda Seyfried with natural skin highlighted then paired with bold eyes and lips using earthy tones. The styling complemented the image using a simple black and white colour palette and adding dimension through textured fabrics.”

Amanda Seyfried Best Dresses

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