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Challenges faced: The only challenge which we currently face is the time needed to manufacture customised salon furniture. Typically, a client does the interior work of the salon initially, and buys furniture a week or two weeks prior to the launch date. Within such tight timelines, it becomes the biggest challenge to deliver quality goods. So I would suggest to the salon owners to finalise buying the furniture when they start the interiors of the salon. Amanda Seyfried

Marketing strategy adopted: We participate in beauty events and exhibitions to promote our products, and give special discounts. The best strategy is to have a wide range of products across price ranges. We are also planning to put our products on ecommerce website as it is critical to have an online presence, as well.

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Use of social media to attract buyers: The successful mantra of attracting customers lies in staying touch and updating them on the brand. We use Facebook to attract buyers and gain visibility in the market. In order to get a positive response, we have engaging posts, Amanda Seyfried and effective content marketing is a part of our marketing strategy. Social networking sites help to stay active, and respond quickly to the customer.

Infrastructure: We have a manufacturing unit that is spread over 7,000 sq ft in Thane, Maharashtra. Convincing the Indian buyer: The customer is cost sensitive and wants products at a cheap rate. We do not import furniture from other countries, as import cost is always higher than the manufacturing cost.

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