Amanda Seyfried’s Best Hairstyles, Makeup, Skin-Care Tips

What is your daily hair-care routine?
My hair-care routine actually begins at night. I start with water, seal with an oil, usually castor oil, and wake up in the morning ready to shake and go. I’ve learned to keep it really simple so I don’t overmanipulate and cause unnecessary breakage.

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What are some of your top favorite hair tips?
Some of my favorite hair tips include listening to your hair. The relationship with your hair is no different from other relationships in your life. You have to get to know when it’s dry; you have to get to know when it’s happy; you have to get to know how to keep it easy. (Ha!) Listening to what it needs will give you everything you need. The other thing that I would say is, concentrate on health versus length. Length comes from healthy hair; shine comes from healthy hair. Everything great that happens on your head comes from health—and that also starts from within. Plenty of water, plenty of rest, plenty of nourishment.
What hair products do you use that our readers may be able to find?
Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale line; Carol’s Daughter Monoi line is still one of my faves. And oils—whether it be castor oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil, just find the right mix for you. It definitely helps to keep my hair moisturized with the sealant.
Who are some of your favorite hair inspirations?
Tracee Ellis Ross has always had a head of beautiful hair; on the YouTube side, Naptural85 is amazing. I love how transparent she is. She let us see her growth all the way to waist length. She let us see when the color kind of took her down, and now she is letting us see her on the come up again. All in all, her hair is gorgeous—and so is her spirit.
What are some of your favorite makeup products to use to glam up?
My lip gloss from the Demetria McKinney Collection, which can be found at

Amanda Seyfrieds Best Hairstyles, Makeup, Skin Care Tips

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