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Well Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post. I’m so excited for this one.

Because we are talking all about knit sweaters, I love them knit sweaters from Amazon top-rated versus worst rated Andre went online and purchased all of them. So, I have no idea what they look like and I’m gonna try to guess the top rated and the worst rated let’s see how well we do. So here’s the first one okay feels very chunky what’s the very chunky whoa what is this that’s interesting Wow it is a huge net supposed to do this how is it supposed to go huh interesting alright. So this is what it looks like on honestly the knit is not horrible. But I’m not really the biggest fan of it the way it is sewn together, and it is a little bit scratchy on the inside. So that does not feel good especially when you put your arms down, I do not like this style sweater. So, I would never buy this for myself honestly and the color, I’m NOT a big fan of.

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So, I would give this worst rated and also this sweater smells very bad who like it is been laying around for ages in a package and not been aired out you know that kind of smell sister here is the patty boutique woman’s asymmetric neck Raglan marbled sweater, and it is rated almost 5 stars with 35 reviews. So it is actually rated very well, I didn’t see the price how much you pay for this. So this sweater retails for $43.99 no, I would not buy it for this lunch money moving on sweater and number two alright. So here’s the second sweater, I already do not like it yeah it is not my style, I do not like that it is super long and baggy except for the very bottom portion of the sweater and it just looks like I’m wearing a bag honestly. But I do like the off the slightly off the shoulder not client, I think it is really pretty, I do like the lines they are going diagonally which is different and nice. But I also it is also somewhat Scratchy, I also think this is worst rated alright.

So she’s wearing it completely off the shoulder like this that’s slightly better. But I’m still not a fan of and yeah not rated that good bling land women’s off shoulder loose polo sweater knit jumper and what they have in the picture is not what they have in person what they sent to you this one in picture looks very thick knit off the shoulder sweater which looks gorgeous they are stealing someone’s picture and this is retailing for 10 dollars and 80 cents next sweater let’s put this on all right. So for the third sweater, I actually really like, I think it is very flattering, I love the color, I love the knit it has a lot of detailing with the knit work and, I do like the neckline it is kind of like a beautiful turtleneck you can get cozy with it and it is on a tighter side it is not a very loose knit sweater. So if you’d like them tight, I would stay with your regular size or maybe size up one or two sizes to give it like that baggy knitwear look it is actually soft, I like it it has a nice weight to it. But it is nice and soft it is not scratchy at all, I would give it a good rating alright. So for this sweater oh nice it is by the brand V 28 woman polo neck knit stretchable elasticity long sleeves live sweater jumper say that 10 times fast and it is rated very good almost 5 stars with 854 reviews and they have 11 colors to choose from. So the price for the sweater is 37 US dollars which is actually not bad it is a very very nice sweater like, I said next sweater what do we think of this one this little number no first of all it smells.

So bad, I can’t even explain the smell to you alright let’s talk about the actual design of the sweater what is this you know what this reminds me of that denim jacket that has like 3 foot long sleeves it is extremely oversized is this like a one size fits all kind of deal babe and the material is extremely scratchy it is a very lightweight the knitting is a very very cheaply made. So I’m gonna guess that it is very well rated, I hope it is. Because this is not a good look there is a positive, I do like the color of the sweater that’s a beautiful color alright. So this sweater X Laura woman’s off shoulder batwing sleeve loose oversized pullover sweater knit jumper first of all try to do it off the shoulder as, I have in pictures, I literally can’t raise it above like this do you guys see that that is not a good look, and it is actually rated four stars with 50 reviews $22.99 alright. So here’s the next sweater. So far, I love the crisscross in the front and, I like the color alright.

So this is definitely a sweater dress it is longer than my skirt, I think it is actually cute. But I would not read it well just. Because some things are missing the knit is a very poorly constructed. If you were to wear this as a sweater dress, I would probably wear something underneath just. Because it is very very lightweight and see-through and then this right here does not match my right sleeve this is missing completely it is not even there it just has the holes, I mean, I love the color, I think the length is really good, I like the crisscross in the front, I like that even though it is super low-cut you can’t really see my breasts popping up. So you can control or you can just expose it all the way. If you are into that kind of like like, I said the material is very lightweight.

But it is somewhat scratchy. So my guess for this is probably lower rating just. Because the niche is very similar to the last one and I’m not a fan of it feels very cheaply made and it looks very cheap when you put it on alright. So this is a dress alright. So this is by the brand Bobby B woman’s lace up front v-neck long sleeve knit pullover sweater at mini dress top. So it is rated 4 stars out of 5 with 38 reviews and the price is $23.50 for the price honestly not too shabby.

But it looks cheap in person on pictures it looks beautiful next sweater actually really liked this one. So honestly for this cream white sweater, I actually really really like it, I like this chunkier knit. But it is also kind of like a shorter crop version of a sweater where you can roll up and make it even shorter. If you are like tuck it into a skirt or like high-waisted jeans obviously some of the stitching is a little off. But. If you do not look too closely you won’t even notice, I think it is a really great sweater it looks gorgeous and for the holidays, I think it is a really great pick. So this material like, I said it is a very chunky knit it is not scratchy by any means.

But it does look cheaply made like, I mentioned some of the knitting is already coming out honest, I think that’s very well rated, I mean, I rate it pretty good it is not bad hopefully. So this is the hodo II women’s casual loose knitted long-sleeve pullover sweater and it has a one star review with a 1 rating. So on this pictures it looks extremely loose on the model or the girl whoever they took the pictures from they look really nice and hurt it is a look that way on me and Andre got an extra large. So the sizing is completely off and the price is $15 and 99 cents which is not bad I’m not mad at the price and I’m actually keeping this sweater. Because, I think it is cute. But definitely size up way up. So next we have a cardigan and it smells also what is up with these smells alright.

So where do, I begin with this cardigan honestly, I do not even know what to say it is. So horribly made it looks bad, I mean what is this is that like where your elbow is supposed to go. I’m so confused that is not a good look, and it is it’s the design of this they tried, I know do not feel like is the pockets the material is not actually too scratchy it is somewhat comfortable. But I just can’t even look at it, I mean it is so bad not good rated sweater, I hope alright. So this is the fist women’s loose fit long-sleeve knitted Karndean sweaters out wear with pocket and this is three stars with 79 reviews and they have five different colors and he got it in a size small and the picture that they are showing is completely opposite, I want that sweater that they are selling in the picture alright next chunky knit sweater this one has a really good weight to it let’s put it on alright. So this black sweater is definitely not the most flattering sweater in the entire world. If you are into turtlenecks, I actually do not mind this look at all, I feel very cozy the sleeves are very short and, I do not even have the arms on planet earth.

So, I would probably kind of roll them up where the mass kind of like quarter length sleeves the material is not it is not too bad it is softer and, I do like that it is a very chunky knit. But it is very nice and opaque and kind of sewn very close together and I’m wearing like a nude bra underneath and, I you can’t even see it and I’m just like pulling it and stretching it apart what size is this. Because it looks very oversized. So this is the one size fits all probably not very well rated. But honestly it is not horrible alright. So this is her son woman’s off shoulder chunky long sleeve loose knitted sweater first of all this is not an off off the shoulder sweater. Because, I literally can’t raise my arms higher than this how is this off the shoulder and this is four stars out of five with 38 reviews and it has five different colors and this retails for $29.

99. So here’s the next sweater, I love the color alright. So this sweater, I actually really really like, I love the color, I love the knit design, I think it is really cute, I love the v-neck, I like the slits down the sides and, I like that the back is a little bit longer than the front. So if you were to wear leggings with it it would look really cute the only negative thing, I have to say, I do not like the sleeves this portion right here, I wish it was this type of knit the design, I think it would look a lot cuter. If it was a little bit chunkier the knitwear is actually not bad it is not crazy soft. But it is not scratchy either it is very comfortable on my body I’m gonna keep this one also, I like it alright. So this is the brand side feel woman casual v-neck loose fit knit sweater pullover top, and it is almost five stars four and a half with a hundred and sixty room views and he got me a size small.

So Fitch is pretty good and they have seven different colors which the colors look really pretty and they go from a small to extra extra-large and this retails for $29.99, I think it is a great sweater, I think it is gorgeous good pick babe, I like it high five alright you guys. So there we have it for sweaters knitwear from Amazon, I think you did a pretty good job babe picking out the sweaters, I actually liked two of them. So overall for me this post was extremely educational. Because a lot of the sweaters are rated really good and then a lot of the sweaters are rated really bad. So it was really great to put them on see how they look see how they feel and just are these scratchy is the knitwear actually really good quality or is it poorly made and honestly it was a really huge hit and a miss with all of them and then the sizing was all over the charge. So you do have to read what people are saying regarding the sizing.

So do not expect a lot of the knitwear to feel really soft or to look really nice. Because it does reflect in the prices and a positive note considering the prices they are very reasonable honestly you can find a lot of great stuff. So happy hunting find yourself some good sweaters maybe your loved ones also there’s some really great options I’m very happy with that let me know which sweater was your least favorite or your favorite sweater, I think that blush tone sweater was my favorite. But for now thank you for reading hanging out with us trying on these beautiful sweaters from Amazon, I will see you in the next one bye.

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