American Artisans and Architects 1716–1775

The need for housing in the settled areas of the colonies led to the development of construction industry of carpenters, joiners, bricklayers, and
stonecutters. The most expert of these workers found their services in high demand, with towns or individuals actively seeking to recruit them. Skilled
workers also emigrated from England and Europe.

Professional architects did not exist in America, but many American gentlemen learned architecture and applied their knowledge to their own residences.
Two of the best-known examples are Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and George Washington’s modifications to Mount Vernon.
The most active gentleman architect was Peter Harrison (1716 1775) of Newport, Rhode Island, a merchant and customs officer by profession. Although
most of the buildings Harrison was known for were public, he also worked on several private residences. The most notable was governor John
Wentworth’s mansion in Wolfeborough, New Hampshire.

William E. Burns

See also: Artisans; Bathing and Hygiene; Family; Furnishings; Inheritance; Kitchens, Colonial; Servants, Domestic;
Document: Probate Inventory of a Plymouth Colony Estate (1672).

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American Artisans and Architects 1716–1775

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