An Ayurvedic Kitchen

An Ayurvedic kitchen is not a mysterious, new kind of sacred cooking space with specially imported furnishings or unusual utensils and equipment. It is simply a clean, well-equipped food preparation area located away from the center of household traffic. An Ayurvedic kitchen is a quiet place where the colors of the walls and cabinets, the comfort of the flooring, the room size and ease of getting around, and even the view from a window all contribute to the cook’s general sense of well-being. This feeling, in turn, is subtly reflected in the kind of food prepared there.

When working in a modern Ayurvedic kitchen creative cooking becomes a welcome, relaxing activity worthy of a true artist. Like any creative work space an Ayurvedic kitchen should be simple, well lighted and well ventilated, orderly, and easy to keep clean. It does not have to be especially large or elaborate, but it should be well organized with equipment and ingredients within easy reach.

When stepping into the Ayurvedic cook’s kitchen the atmosphere should feel calm, pleasant, pure and be filled with deliciously enticing smells. Rather than being the center of attention for family or guests, the food preparation area itself is ideally a center of calm where the cook can work undisturbed by outside distractions.
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An Ayurvedic Kitchen

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