Angie & Brad Posters 2017

When asked about tackling the story of a relationship coming apart at the seams, By the Sea’s Angelina Jolie admits that she’s more comfortable making war films. Not that marriage can’t be a little like that, she demurred. And now that the marital drama bombed with critics, Star has learned that life is starting to imitate art for Angie, 40, and her husband, Brad Pitt, 51. Brad can’t stop cringing, says a source. He feels humiliated. He never wanted to do this film, but Angie kept twisting his arm. Worse yet, the once tight-lipped couple are stuck on a lengthy promotional tour, forced to deny that the script is autobiographical in nature while also offering unprecedented access into the struggles they face within their own marriage. Brad thinks Angie has let the fame go to her head, says the source. The last thing he wants to do is air their dirty laundry, but that’s what they spend their days doing now, and it is starting to spill over at home. For a front-row seat to the fight, just buy a ticket. H

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Angie & Brad Posters 2017

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