Apple Crumble Recipe

Apple Crumble Recipe

Cooking Time: 40 minutes You will need for 4 servings: 11 lb. apples about 4 tablespoons water 4 oz. brown sugar little grated lemon rind

3 oz. butter or margarine

6 oz. plain flour

3 oz. castor sugar 1 teaspoon ground ginger

1 Peel, core and slice the apples into a pan. Add the water, brown sugar and grated lemon rind.

2 Cover and cook gently until the apples are soft.

3 When cooked, turn into a greased pie dish.

4 Rub the butter or margarine into the flour, add the sugar and ground ginger and mix well.

5 Sprinkle this mixture over the apple and press down lightly.

6 Cook in a moderate oven (350°F – Gas Mark4), until golden brown.

7 When cooked, sprinkle with castor sugar and serve with cream or custard.

Apple Crumble Recipe

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