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Programming produces positive results

You can use the visualization workout and fitness technique to program for your children to be successful. You can use the Exercise Mental Rehearsal Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique to program yourself to think the right thoughts, say the right words and take the right actions to help your children.

You can teach your children how to use visualization and imagination to help them achieve their goals.

If your children are between 7 and 14 years old, have them close their eyes and use visualization and imagination. They will probably be at alpha while doing so.

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You can use your Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique when working with your children to program yourself to do what’s best for them (For further guidance, we have additional materials listed in the Resources section in the back of this blog.)

You can even project to them mentally while they are sleeping and change their behavior for the better. (This works best when a mother programs her child, because of the special mother-child bond that exists.)

How can you do this?

After the child has been asleep for at least one hour, enter your level. Once at your level, imagine that the child is there with you. Now imagine the child changing the behavior that needs to be changed and corrected.

For instance, if the child has a habit of breaking the rules by tripping other children, and the team is penalized for this, imagine the child learning to play without tripping and the child’s team doing well and scoring as a result.

You can imagine that you are talking with the child about this. But remember that the primary means of communication is visual, so while you imagine talking with the child, create mental pictures of the child doing what you are asking.

You can even learn to help other people’s children. It takes practice and a strong desire to help people. One school teacher, as described below, helped turn around some troublemakers and surprised other teachers and counselors.

Aqua Exercises For Weight Loss

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