Aria Inspired Quick Half up Half down Style – Back to School Down-Dos

So, I will back with our third back to school down new hairstyle, and this one was inspired by Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale who plays Aria was wearing this the great thing about this is that she has shoulder-length hair. So that means that you girls with shoulder-length hair can pull this off. So thankfully. I have kind of one from my short hair followers, I will very glad for that. So I hope you guys like this. So the other thing that. I like about it is that it is a very easy very quick half-up half-down style. And I feel like you either kind of like you either do the really simple ones that do not look like you did anything to your hair or you have to do the more elaborate ones that take forever, and this one is nice. Because it is a happy medium between the two where it looks like you put some effort into it. Because it is got the cute little twist but it only takes about three minutes to do. So that’s great, and it will stay in all day cut you have lots of chance to criss cross those bobby pins, and make them stay. So I hope you guys like that.. I will be back on Monday with our next back-to-school down do. So be sure to check back for that. And I will see you then well.

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I begin by separating the hair in front of your ears on either side next you are going to be able to choose whether you want to go ahead, and tease your hair or not if you are not into teasing your hair you can go ahead, and skip that step but if you want to go ahead, and tease just a little bit you can separate the hair from the crown up, and give it just a little bit of teasing at the base that’s going to help get some volume, and what we are doing next once that’s done collect the hair together from the crown of your head up, and push it up slightly to make a nice little bump, and you can do more if you want a larger one but you know slightly for a nice normal sized pump, and then go ahead, and twist it to the right to create a little twist, and then you are going to pin that in place it you can see that.

I’ll pinning directly up, and into that twist if you want to add more stability you can add a second pin to crisscross with that first one, and it will hold it really securely now you are going to take the hair from the right, and comb it back make sure it looks good from the front, and then arrange it just underneath the bump, and pin it into place now you are going to kill them back the hair from the left side make sure it looks good from the front, and then what we are going to do is take it, and wrap it around two fingers like. So that it goes all the way around once then you are going to place that wrapped hair right on top of the twist, and you are going to pin it into place right there, and once you have got that done your whole hairstyle is done see it was really simple it just took a couple steps, and you have got your nice little twisted half up half down hairstyle that looks a lot more difficult than it is. So hope you guys liked it, and if you guys have not checked out my previous two posts in the series go ahead, and check those out they’ll be linked right here, and then. I have my next two posts coming up very soon. So be sure to check back for those see you guys in my next post bye.

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