There are several different kinds of arthritis – but all signify the body’s inability to eliminate toxic waste efficiently. This causes excess uric acid to be deposited as crystals in the spaces between the joints. The two most common forms are rheumatoid arthritis, which can affect all age groups, and osteoarthritis, which usually occurs in the elderly. Both are forms of joint distress which can result in pain, inflammation and sometimes deformity.

Gout usually affects the joints of the toes, but also sometimes the fingers.

Stress, emotional conflict, lack of exercise and a poor diet all contribute to these conditions. Aromatic baths and massage can help eliminate the toxic waste, as well as provide relief from pain. Lavender oil is particularly recommended for children suffering from these conditions, because of its relative mildness.

I applied a cool compress of lavender, juniper and rosemary and wrapped her knee in a towel. The compress was repeated again after 15 minutes she was delighted with the results which were relief from pain and increased Make a massage oil by mixing 30 drops of lavender oil with 50 ml of a vegetable carrier oil. Very gently, apply twice daily.

Add 8-10 drops of lavender oil to the bath water for pain relief.

To ease inflammation, apply a cold compress using clay (or a flannel or face-cloth) to which has been added a few drops of lavender oil.

Note: There are several other oils which are of great benefit in arthritis and are best used in combination: for detoxifying – cypress, fennel, juniper, lemon and tea tree; for inflammation – chamomile, and marjoram; and for stimulating greater mobility – pine, rosemary and ginger.

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