Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Ideas

Helen Mirren Short Straight Formal Hairstyle - Light Champagne Blonde Hair Color

Dutch braid without adding hair into the braid from the, outside, and tie off, the braid when I have a few inches of loose hair left I also pull out the rest of the braid to match the thickness on. The top once I have my braid I gather all, of my loose hair with, the braid, and tie it into a sloppy messy bun.

I really have no rhyme or reason for doing this really the Messier the bun is the better in my opinion, and after I have done that I just like to pin random sections of the bun to the back of my head this hair cell looks. So different every time I create it which is one of the things.

I really love about it this next one is. So fun, and is really for the playful girls out there that like to be different. So what you want to do is separate your hair down the middle into two sections, and then pull your hair up into a high ponytail on one side at a time, and braid the loose hair into just a regular three strand braid or.

Dutch braid whatever is easier for you then you want, to pull out on the, sides of the braid to loosen it up, and then wrap the braid around itself through starting at the base to create a messy bun, and then pin it in place with bobby pins then you just want to repeat the same steps on the other side to create these cool looking braided fun buns for something really playful, and easy simply braid two pigtail braids, and pull out on the braids to loosen them up I also like to leave out some face framing pieces in the front to give it a more relaxed the boho vibe.

Short Straight Asymmetrical Hairstyle - Dark Plum Red Hair Color


Short Straight Formal Asymmetrical Hairstyle - Chocolate Hair Color


Angela Bassett Short Curly Formal Hairstyle - Dark Mocha Brunette Hair Color


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Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Ideas

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