Attention to Shopping Disease

If we are just shopping for shopping, then; not only to protect our budget, but also fashion, we do not take steps to the shopping center, because we do not have systematic marketing strategies that “take care of the shopping craze”, I offer roadside sales, flea markets or second hand shops.

In such shopping areas, a fascinating environment filled with cleverly designed shapes, music and cleverly crafted market research packages is not a front planer. Get ad campaigns at every corner! get! Take it! ” Here you can learn the subtleties of being very important, neutral, comfortable to be needed not only in shopping but in many areas of life.

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Do you identify yourself with the “conscience of buyer-style” of these women? If you put the money on an edge, ask yourself the source of your discomfort, which has led you to take it back. What is the problem with having spent the money on yourself, the problem is already the money? Why do you have a urge to take back what you got? Taking care of yourself makes you feel like strangers? Taking care of yourself by shopping makes you feel like you have violated a family law that can not be changed?

Is it something you need emotionally to take your life? Why do you need it emotionally? Why are you afraid? If you ask yourself, “Why am I running away?”, You will reach an unconscious mind and the answer will be there. The answer may be “I’m running away from talking about my salary increase with my boss”. Sometimes it can be “I see that I give priority to the needs of others and I escape from changing it” or “I run away from cleaning the places.”

Attention to Shopping Disease

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