Most babies like to latch on to something when they suck, so give her one of your fingers or let her grip onto your clothes.

There is no need to clean your breasts before a feed unless you have had cream on them. Wipe this off with a clean tissue or cotton wool dipped in cool boiled water.

Holding her in the crook of your arm, tickle her lips with your nipple and she will turn towards it and open her mouth. With your free hand hold your breast behind the dark area and pop as much of the areola in to her mouth as possible. Her lips should cover as much of the areola (dark area) as possible.

If your nipple does not stand out hold a cold cloth to it before you start feeding to make the nipple protrude.

If the baby has not latched on properly it will be easy to slip your breast out of her mouth. Repeat the procedure until she gets a good grip.

Improper fixing at the breast is one of the main causes of sore nipples and failure to breast feed successfully, so make sure you do it correctly (73) and if at all possible get an experienced breast feeding mother to guide you.

Once your baby is sucking well – you will recognise this by the deep swallowing action and rhythmic movements of her jaw, compared with the chewing action when first fixed  make yourself relax.

Do not worry about whether she is getting enough milk or what to make for supper. Chant a mantra, practise your antenatal breathing or yoga, switch on your favourite music, or simply breathe slowly and regularly. But relax.



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