Baby foods which may cause an adverse reaction

Baby foods which may cause an adverse reaction

Fruit juice

Orange juice can cause a rash around the anus and mouth, and diarrhoea. Other very acid juices may also cause similar reactions.

Gluten intolerance

Gluten allergy or coeliac disease results in intolerance to gliadin (the sticky binding agent in wheat, rye, barley and oats) and this causes the child to have large, bubbly, foul-smelling stools. The child will be thin and small with a large tummy and small buttocks. These children have to be changed to a gluten-free diet permanently. (See p. 291.)


Wheat can also cause a temporary allergic reaction that the child outgrows in time, so introduce cereals containing wheat with care.

Colouring agents

Colouring added to vitamin drops and other foodstuffs can occasionally cause allergic symptoms.


Benzoiac acid added as a preservative to cold drinks or fruit juices can cause an allergic reaction.

Egg white

Egg white can cause an allergic reaction because of its high protein content which the child may be unable to digest. Never give egg white to a child under

six months and preferably not before the end of the first year. Symptoms may

include swelling of the face and generalised urticaria. (See p. 232.) Never use egg white as a treatment for nappy rash. It can cause such a severe reaction that the baby may have to be hospitalised.

Chocolate and fish

Chocolate, and occasionally fish, can cause allergic reactions with symptoms of urticaria, hay fever, diarrhoea or cramps.

Baby foods which may cause an adverse reaction

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