Baby Songs To Go To Sleep

Baby Songs To Go To Sleep

It used to be thought that a mother or father who attended quickly to their crying baby rapidly found that they had a baby who cried less than parents who left, their baby to cry.

The most recent evidence suggests that it’s not quite this simple. It’s not just what you do that matters; it’s the way that you do it as well. If you are relaxed when you pick up your baby, even if you have left him to cry a little longer, your baby will eventually cry less than a baby who is attended to immediately by an anxious parent.

Probably the best advice is to go to him when he cries but take a deep breath first and relax, especially if you weren’t quite ready for him to need you so soon, and then walk there. It’ll be better for him and certainly better for you too. If you can’t get to him immediately, don’t worry, go when you can and relax on the way. He knows you’ll come eventually.

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The Surprised Cry

Most babies cry when they are surprised by a change to the regular programme. If he has been used to your continued presence as he falls asleep, your baby of more than a year will probably cry when you first leave him to sleep on his own. But if you do it firmly and gently, he will know that he will be all right. You are not trying to break his will; you are showing him that even when he is frustrated and shows it, nothing awful happens.

Maybe he will feel temporarily unhappy, but he will not feel abandoned or deserted, especially if you adapt one of the behavioural programmes in this blog to your way of doing things. What is more, you may even find that he wakes in the morning more cheerfully than he has previously done. He certainly will not hold it against you. Have a look at pages 21-4 to see how to be kind to yourself and your baby while you leave him to sleep alone.

Many babies cry as they go to sleep, as you leave them or even while surfacing from sleep. But this cry may be a protest, not a plea. A protest at a change, rather than a plea to be picked up and stimulated again, and after a few minutes they settle to sleep.

Baby Songs To Go To Sleep

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