Baby To Sleep

Baby To Sleep

Melissa, mother of Jessie

It is important to agree sleeping arrangements with your partner. If you choose to co-sleep, do so routinely, not just once every so often in desperation. If you do sleep with your baby, think about how you could give yourself more space. Ann and Simon kept their double bed and placed two chairs up against their bed while they waited for a Bed-Side-Cot to arrive.

(A Bed-Side-Cot is a purpose-designed cot with one side completely removed which abuts your bed so that you and your baby can each have a space to sleep; you under your duvet and he under his sheets and blankets – yet within easy reach of each other. See page 152 for suppliers.)

Alternatively you could push a single bed alongside your double one to enable everyone to sleep undisturbed – and to accommodate an extra sibling. Babies who co-sleep seldom choose to sleep in their own bed before they are two or three, and often much later, by which time you may well have another baby snuggling in too, although there is nothing to stop you moving them to their own cot or bed when you want.

If you are worried about the safety of co-sleeping use this checklist.

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Is it Safe to Sleep with my Baby?

• You cannot smother your baby by rolling onto him in your sleep unless you have taken drugs or are drunk.

• The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths recommends that, until your baby is six months old, he sleeps in a cot next to your bed, close enough for you to hear him at night but without the risk of overheating under your duvet. They also recommend that you:

• Place your baby in the foot to feet position with his feet to the foot of his cot so that he doesn’t disappear under his blankets during the night.

• Use blankets and sheets for a baby under one, rather than a duvet, because it’s easier to adapt them to the right temperature (18°C/64°F).

• Feed him in bed if that’s comfortable for you but put your baby back into his cot once you are both ready for sleep.

• Do not co-sleep if you smoke, even if you do not smoke in bed. Smoking raises the risk of cot death.

Baby To Sleep

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