Back to School Every day Mermaid Braid

With this everyday mermaid braid. I instagrammed this picture a couple weeks ago, and people asked for a tutorial on what. I was wearing. So this is kind of an easier adapted version of what.. I had in that picture you are going to start off on one side of your head, and you are going to Dutch braid starting from kind of the side that you do not want your braid on going toward the side that you do want your braid on, and you want to incorporate about half your hair into that braid once you have incorporated hack your hair you are just going to go ahead, and braid the rest normally, and secure it with a small band next you are going to remove a small piece of hair.

Back to School Every day Mermaid Braid Photo Gallery

Directly adjacent to the braid that we just did, and pin it out of the way then you are going to do another Dutch braid starting up toward a little bit of blood for your eyebrow, and incorporating hair from both sides going back until you have incorporated all the hair that’s left then finish that section of hair off by braiding normally, and securing it with a small band now you are going to take that small piece of hair that we left out, and separate a loop at the top of your braid stick two fingers through, and pull that little piece of hair through that then choose a loop that’s directly adjacent on the other braid stick two fingers through, and pull the hair back through, and by doing that.

You’re going to lace these two braids together, and you go down to the next loop, and continue doing that all the way down your two braids this links the two braids together, and creates one giant braid when. I originally did this. And I posted it on Instagram it was a five strand braid. And I find this is a little bit easier than doing a five strand braid. So I thought. I would do this tutorial instead once you get down to the bottom secure it with the hair band, and you are completely done you have your everyday mermaid braid, and that’s it make sure to check out yesterday’s post, and definitely come back for tomorrow’s easy back-to-school hairstyle see you.

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