Back to School Quick Braided Updo

With this quick braided updo as part of my back to school series. And I will be uploading a post every day from now until Saturday with a quick hairstyle for back-to-school. So be sure to check back for that first you are going to start by separating a large section of hair from the front, and braid it all the way down once you get to the bottom of the hair you want to go ahead, and secure it with a small elastic, and you are going to go ahead, and repeat the same thing on the other side while you are doing this it is important to hold the braid back towards the back of your head. Because it helps to keep any weird little bags from happening in the front when you pull your braid back finally you are going to do one more braid just behind the ear of the side that you started on now we are going to pin back the braids first pull back your first braid, and kind of lift up.

Back to School Quick Braided Updo Photo Gallery

The hair over top a little bit just to create a tiny bit of body, and then pin that in place then take the braid from the other side, and cross that over the other braid you are going to place it underneath the braid that we just pinned, and pin up, and into that to hold it in place then gather the rest of your hair together except for that one way that we have left secure it into a ponytail, and then create a messy bun.. I like to create my messy buns again by just kind of folding my hair up, and then wrapping a hair elastic around it is a little bit messy but again we are going for a messy bun. So I think that’s okay then once you have that in place. I actually go ahead, and kind of pull it apart a little bit, and then. I take some bobby pins, and just go ahead, and pin it into place.

So it looks a little bit more neat that’s an extra step that you do not have to do if you do not want to, and finally we are going to take that last braid, and wrap it over top of the bun, and make sure to pin it on the side, and then take your ends wherever they are, and pin them underneath the bun. So that you have them completely hidden, and out of the way you can see here that kind of bunching them up, and pushing them up underneath the middle of the bun, and that’s it you have your quick braided hairstyle. I hope you guys enjoyed this. And I hope you will come back tomorrow to check out the next easy quick back to school in this series, I will see you guys that love you mom bye.

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