Back to School Voluminous Retro-is Bun

With this quick updo for back-to-school, and you can wear this with or without a mid naina but. I thought it was cute with the bandana kind of for those days where you do not really care um you can go ahead, and start off by taking your hair from the temples up, and brushing it back pushing it forward, and then pinning it in place if you want some extra volume of course you can tease before you do that then go ahead, and sweep the rest of your hair up, and into a very high ponytail you’re going to be about an inch behind those bobby pins that you placed for that little bump in the front then split your ponytail in half, and we are going to wrote braids both sides if you do not know how to rope braid.

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I do have a tutorial on how to do that which.. I will link in the description box if you are not really a fan of rope braids you can do basically any braid that you like here. So you could do a regular braid fishtail braid whatever rocks your boat, and make sure that you secure both with a small elastic now we are going to go ahead, and create a bun shape take one braid, and create the outside of the bun this kind of helps you to make sure that you make it as big as possible, and also if you have thicker longer hair this is good. Because Pinne each braid individually makes your hairstyle very secure then you are going to take the next braid, and kind of fill in the gaps. So you put it right next to, and kind of in the hole of where that second braid left, and you pin that in place if you have very fine hair, and you do not want to do this in two steps you can always hold the two braids next to each other, and wrap it to a brain as well as totally fine then make sure that you take the end of the first braid, and get it pinned nicely underneath the second braid. So that you do not see it, and then you are going to finish off by pinning the ends underneath the edge of the bun.

So that they are completely invisible then you are going to finish off by taking a folded bandana if you want to, and creating a square knot on top of your head, and then you are going to tuck each end underneath the post. So that it is not visible, and you do not have bunny ears if you want to you can also Vavi pin your post. So that it does not move around throughout the day now this hairstyle is cute without a bandana, and it would even be great for like a dance class or anything like that. I just want to show with the banana.

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