Bad Eating Habits Among Youth


If people try to step in and force you to get rid of your eating disorder, it typically goes into hiding or fights back, often becoming stronger. If you just hold the eating disorder at bay, or control the symptoms by white-knuckling it every day, recovery will be temporary, which is why so may people relapse. You have to be in on it. You have to be the one talking back to your Eating Disorder Self if you want to be fully recovered. No one else can get rid of your eating disorder for you, but we can help you get to a point where your Healthy Self can.

To strengthen your Healthy Self, you need to acknowledge, listen to, and learn how to effectively talk back to your Eating Disorder Self. You will need to start learning to respond to your Eating Disorder Self as you would to someone else saying these things to you. Your Healthy Self will increasingly get stronger as you understand what you need and learn new coping skills to take care of yourself rather than letting the eating disorder be in control.


Over time, as you practice challenging your Eating Disorder Self, your sense of powerlessness over your eating disorder will subside. You will have fewer eating disorder thoughts and feel less compelled to use your current behaviors. At some point, you will realize the automatic nature of your eating disorder thoughts and behaviors is not there anymore. Your Eating Disorder Self has become part of your core Healthy Self, and you no longer experience two separate parts of yourself anymore. We have listed the 10 basic stages you go through to get to this place we call being integrated and fully recovered. There is no way to tell how long each stage will take, and it is not always a linear process. It’s common to find yourself in one stage and then slip backwards to another, so do not mistake this for failure or a sign you can’t get better. And you do not have to do anything special for integration to happen; it happens automatically as your Eating Disorder Self is no longer necessary and that split off part of you rejoins the whole.

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Bad Eating Habits Among Youth

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