Bad Eating Habits First Trimester


Even though we thought long and hard over the order of the 8 Keys, do not get too concerned with the order in which you read them Each Key addresses a separate aspect of recovery, and although they are all connected, they are also separate and if one sparks your interest, start there. The first two Keys are about motivation and learning the concept of the Eating Disorder Self and the Healthy Self. We put them first because we believe they will help you with all the other Keys, so it is where we recommend starting, but wherever you start is fine.

Changing your behaviors and embarking on recovery can be a stressful and scary endeavor. You may have tried to get better and failed many times, or maybe this is your first try, but either way regardless of how many times you may have tried and failed and regardless of how unmotivated or afraid you are right now you really can do this. We did it ourselves, even though we had many setbacks and at times believed we couldn’t. We have also treated countless others, many who felt discouraged or even hopeless, transform themselves and go on to lead wonderful and full lives without the soul-crushing, heartbreaking oppression of an eating disorder. You might tell yourself you can’t recover because you are different, or your eating disorder is different, but we hear that all the time and it is just not true. We get it, though, because most people with an eating disorder think that way, at least at some point.

Whoever you are and whatever your story, you can get better. It might take you longer than others, it might be hard, and you might wonder if it is worth it. Those who are recovered today will tell you they thought the same things you are thinking now. No matter what, you are either going to stay sick for the rest of your life or get better, and in the end you are the one who determines that. Let this worksecrets help you get started being the person you want to be.


What I accomplished last week: I was able to increase my carbs and I reached out to my mom instead of restricting when I was mad.

What my setbacks were: I binged and purged after the party and lied.

What I learned: I must figure out how to reach out for help.

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Bad Eating Habits First Trimester

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