Bake Offand

How are you feeling post- GBBO?

My feet havent touched the ground. Ive been really busy, but good busy, and having lots of fun.

Have you got to do lots of exciting things since the show?

I was really excited about turning on the Christmas lights in Luton.

To be asked was just massive.

Has your husband got over the attention he received after the final?

He tries to relive it by going through his Twitter feed so many people recognise him before they recognise me. I fully put my feminist hat on and said, Hang on, a woman wins the Bake Offand suddenly theyre more interested in her husband? This is a bra-burning situation!

What will you be doing over the festive period?

We dont celebrate Christmas as such, but my birthdays on Christmas Day. We literally make an Indian version of Christmas dinner, and I always bake something.

Are you still in touch with fellow finalists Tamal [Ray] and Ian [Cumming]?

Weve got a group chat that we all talk on every day. Its very random – we talk about everything thats not baking. Its all gossip.

Are you helping Tamal find love? Theres probably a queue around Manchester for him, he doesnt need my help! Obviously, if theres someone I dont like, Ill say. Im like the annoying older sister.

Any New Years resolutions?

Lose the 6lbs I put on in the tent. What are your hopes for 2016? The world feels like such a big place for me right now I want to enjoy every moment and just keep going. And never lose my confidence.

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Bake Offand

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