Balance in the Whole Meal

Although certain foods or recipes, when eaten by themselves, increase Kapha, their effect is somewhat neutralized when they are eaten moderately as a part of a balanced meal. Macedonia di Fruita, the fruit salad from the Italian menu in Post 5, is an example of balance within the whole meal. Whether served as a salad or dessert, this decorative display of sweet apples and oranges, melons, figs, grapes, dates, and other seasonal fruits nourishes all body types. Individually, each of these fruits increases Kapha. In fact, the entire salad increases Kapha because sweet fruit increases Kapha. Such a fruit salad is not something that people with Kapha constitutions would eat as a meal by itself or in a large amount, but when it is served as a part of a balanced mealthat is, with other Kapha-reducing dishesMacedonia di Fruita benefits everyone, even Kapha types.
kaphas ayurvedic menu includes:
a pungent, sweet appetizer,
foods with all six tastes and qualities,
varied colors, textures, and flavors stimulating the senses and palate,
thoughtful order of presentation starting with a pungent appetizer,
alternating light and heavy courses,
ending with a light sweet.
Sparking Kaphas Digestion
Kapha usually appreciates a pungent appetizer to start the meal. Grated fresh salted ginger with a spritz of lemon juice makes a simple condiment. Or even a pinch of powdered ginger under the tongue just before eating will spark Kaphas appetite. A steaming bowl of pepper}soup, a teaspoon or two of rice and ghee, a sweet gherkin pickle, or a couple of sweet and pungent little condiments will help ignite the digestive fires and make a meal most useful for Kapha. Because agni is
so variable in Kaphas digestion, pungent tastes should be interspersed throughout the meal. This is especially true when serving foods that are heavy and more difficult to digest.
Unlike Vata and Pitta, who enjoy very sweet appetizers or might even want to eat a light dessert at the beginning of the meal, Kaphas appetite will remain steady throughout a meal that begins with a pungent, somewhat sweet appetizer.
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Balance in the Whole Meal

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