Balmain x H&M collection

It is a day after the hotly anticipated Balmain x H&M collection was made available to the public and as expected, everyone went crazy. And by crazy, we mean dangerous. Picture this: people camped out a good 50 hours before the stores opened, lines snaking beyond several blocks, desperate shoppers forcefully opening steel doors, consumers pushing and clawing their way to the racks and heck, deafening scream fests between shoppers fighting over garments. It was chaos on an apocalyptic level. Is the world ending? Are we required to wear the garments in a distant dystopia?

Whatever the argument over the madness may be, this is a point of success for H&M and Balmain, bar none. Stocks were wiped out in less than two hours, leaving stores a hot mess after the unsettling frenzy died down. Of course the big draw was the collaboration that made for a more attainable (read: affordable) Balmain. Social media juggernaut, selfie-made star and yes, creative director for the luxury brand, Olivier

Rousteing was behind the well orchestrated online frenzy.

Aside from his 1.6 million strong following online, he enlisted the help of his own motley crew of friends (such as Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians and Rihanna) and formed the #BalmainArmy. A stroke of marketing genius, the hype then took a life of its own when individual squads were made to join forces to become the #Balmaination. the instagram effect fear that they might get caught in something they wore already. camille charriere of camille over the rainbow says, “there is a trend of people thinkingi do not want to wear this, because I have already been seen in that.” While it may sound incredibly superficial because come on, it is just clothes; it has translated to a surge in commercial success. People are buying more disposable fashion now just to keep up with a persona.

According to a study, a third of women consider clothes too “old” when worn just three times or less. One in seven went to point out the effect of social media as the perpetrator behind the phenomenon.

The unmatched rise of social media has totally changed the way people consume, in this case shop. Forget a tangible return of investment because there is a growing culture (thanks to Instagram and Facebook) where the market is becoming increasingly aware about personal fashion being overexposed online. In the age of the selfie, this only means that users are careful of what they wear, mixing and matching clothes more because of.

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Balmain x H&M collection

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