Banded Twist Braid Athletic Hairstyles

Hi, guys! This is Katie! And we are with Bella’s Braids, and we are here to show you a very cool elastic style that will be great for swimming, back to school. There are lots of different things, but it stays in really well and you can wear it for a couple of days, three days, even maybe. So if you have not comment to “Hairstyles”, please do so at this button below, and make sure to give us a big thumbs up on this post! To begin this hair style, part the hair all the way down the middle from front to back, and you are going to put it in two sections. So I put it in pig tails to kind of show you the two sections. But I’m going to take this one out, and I’m going to take half of this hair and part it to the ear. So about half of her head, and part it to the ear. And make sure to pay close attention to the partings on this hairstyle, because it can make all the difference. Okay, so this is going to be your center pivot point. So you are going to want pie-shapes going from the center diagonally.

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So, I’m going to split this in half again. Okay, so put this section out of the way that’s closest to your last section. And now I’m going to cut this in half one more time from the center pivot point, straight down. And I’m going to start on this first section closest to the middle part. And I’m going to use one of these little clear ones. You can use colorful ones if you feel like you want the hairstyle colorful. They will show, so keep that in mind. Now I’m going to move on to the second parting and join it in the center with the last one you just did. Now I’m going to take this next section and split it in half, and I’m going to section this out of the way. Now take your last section down from this quadrant and add it to the next–add your ponytail into it. Okay, now you are going to repeat this same exact thing with the next section.

You’re going to want four pieces out of each quadrant. Okay, so for this part, it is completely up to you to use your creativity. You can either keep them in pigtails, I really like this because it shows the length of her hair, and it is just pretty. But if you are going to go swimming or gymnastics or something like that, you could definitely finish doing this down the pony tail, just kind of make it a bubbled ponytail, keep your pattern and space about the same as you did with these. You could do that to each pigtail. You could join them as a ponytail, and then make the bubbles go down the ponytail, or leave it that way, or you could braid the pigtails. I will do a twist, and I will show you what that looks like. So, you twist both sections the same way, twisting opposite legs together. I would love to see what you guys do with the pigtails once you are finished with this style, so please be sure to use the hashtag that we provide you so I can see what you did and how creative you got. We hope you liked this post! We hope you give us a thumbs up! Be sure to leave below in the comments what you did with your braids with the ends of them. And let us know what you think! And if you have not already comment to “Hairstyles”, please use this button right here. Right now, do not forget! And to see more of our posts, this button right here. For more “Hairstyles” posts, this button right here. Thanks, guys, see you next time!.

Banded Twist Braid Athletic Hairstyles

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