How To Banish Belly Fat

Eat fresh, natural, unprocessed food. Your body will do the rest

Lean meat is fine if you are not a Vegan. Eggs are considered great. Just stay away from all processed food and your body will revert to its evolutionary efficiency and dump unnecessary fat.

Be sure to add magnesium supplements to your diet as well as full spectrum Vitamin B and Vitamin D. they are essential for healthy weight control.

The combination of eliminating the truly toxic and harmful elements that dominate the western diet from your daily food intake will make a major difference to your body.

Learning to work with the highly effective support of the prefrontal cortex can truly revolutionise your perspective and put you completely in control of your body and, indeed, of your life. It’s also important to be willing and able to enjoy life to the full. I encourage everyone I work with to celebrate life, to experience all the joy and happiness their hearts can hold.

As you develop a greater sense of self control, you will discover even greater potential for enjoyment at every level of your life. And with a new-found respect for your health and well-being, you will naturally avoid things that are harmful to you. When you appreciate the miracle of your amazing body and learn to love it unconditionally, you will never be tempted to harm something so wonderful and so deserving of your respect.

If you have completed this journey with me and discovered your real potential for self expression and the personal power that resides within you, then I want to offer you my heartfelt congratulations.

This is a process that rarely leaves us untouched. This is a process that enables us to change. Your ability to take control of your weight has prepared you to exercise control over many other areas of your life. So, in that sense, the journey has only just begun.

But the potential should make you smile with anticipation. And I’m truly proud of you. As you look at other areas of your life where you’d like to make a positive difference, remember the people around you who still need to take that first step to personal transformation.

They’re usually not the happiest of people but your example could be the catalyst that spurs them to action.

Share the success of your experience and encourage others to follow the pathway of personal power that leads to totally effective weight control.

How To Banish Belly Fat

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